Monday, August 31, 2009

Very random things going on with me

1. It takes a long time to get over pneumonia. I get tired easily. I am usually feeling OK in the mornings, pretty sure I am dying by 2p, and by 5p, its all I can do to drag myself home and to bed, which isn't possible when I have to catch up on all the things I failed to do when home for two weeks.

2. Its a good idea to keep your legs shaved at all times. Because the day you don't is the day your gonna fall in your parking lot at work, and you wont be able to get up by yourself. So you'll call your secretary out to pick you up, and she'll situate you in the kitchen, with your feet up in another chair and your bloody knees will get doctored, while everyone in the office comes to take a look and let you know you failed to shave your legs.

3. Plotting a top secret CIA mission has got to be easier than getting the dog ready for our vacation. It would probably just be easier to bring him with us. We have an elaborate schedule with no fewer than four people coming to check in on him at various times of the day. His sleeping schedule has been coordinated with the two boys next door, and he will be sleeping with them, in their bed, each night then returned home each morning.

4. Should I drive the car to the New Orleans airport and leave it for a week or get someone to drop us off? Its hurricane season. If a hurricane would hit while we are away, we'll never see the car again, or at least be unable to retrieve it for some time.


gin said...

random yes, but hilarious!! Those are situations you couldn't even make-up if you had to come up with something funny.

Pegi said...

I had to read it 2x and I'm still laughing! - Is the dog really sleeping in the bed with your neighbors? Hope ur knees are better. And, I hope you and hubby have a delightful vacation!

P.S. You'll be relieved to know that currently there are no hurricanes stirring in the Gulf - this should ease your mind about losing your car at N.O. Airport.

Have fun on vacation!

E. Tyler Rowan said...

I say leave the car. It is insured, after all.

As for the other stuff - you can't make stuff like that up!! I truly do sympathize in the midst of my giggles. And thanks for the pointer on shaving legs; I'll keep it in mind. :)

Julie said...

oh that was enjoyable to read. Sorry I haven't been around lately... starting to get into a routine and find time to read blogs again! I wanted to THANK YOU for the chocolate and the devotional page you sent. It is my bookmark now and it is such a blessing at just the right time. Like you last year, I have had to take a break from reading/spending too much time blogging to focus on time with God. Been a huge blessing and rewarding. So thankful! Thanks Bobbie for even thinking about blessing me with that devotional and sending it. God knew!!!