Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few reasons I am crazy about this book

No More Christian Nice Girl. 
  • "A narrow focus on the sweet side of Jesus gives women the idea that God wants Christians to behave sweetly in all situations. Here's the problem... You are the salt of the earth, not the sugar. Yes, sugar is delicious, but salt is infinitely more useful.... Salt unlike sugar is necessary for human life." (Page 28)

  • "portraying Jesus as Mr. Manners in sandals gives the impression that politeness pretty much sums up what it means to be a Christian. The problem here is that hurt people are not drawn toward perfectly nice people. Folks don't look toward women with perfect etiquette for help when life comes crashing down. Hurting people look toward individuals who, like Jesus, have both fire and compassion in their eyes. Individuals who inspire and who will speak the truth in love- even if it stings." (Page 29) 

  • "God designed limits to your time, treasure, and talents so you wouldn't squander your life away." (Page 89)

  • "If you want to cultivate deep friendships with mature Christian women, you have to start by becoming more spiritually mature yourself..... If you don't like who you are hanging out with, then its time to step up your own game instead of complaining about the quality of player who agrees to play with you."(Page 111-112)

  • "God's Good Women are savvy. They quickly discern how to best handle a situation to take care of themselves and those under their care... When God's Good Women act wisely, God ultimately gets the glory." (Page 87)