Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Oh Look. What a surprise. Another recipe from the paper. Didn't see this one coming.
And look. Another suprise. I didn't completely follow it.  Recipe says to put 1/4 teaspoon of butter in skillet and lightly toast sesame seeds. I would roast them in a dry skillet. The butter made them stick together. Toast 2 tablespoons until light brown, shaking the pan. They pop and try to jump out the skillet as they get toasty.
Get some Brussel sprouts cleaned and cut in half.  No, they are not tiny little cabbages. Don't turn up your nose. Try them. You'll impress company.
 They need to be washed well.
Throw them in some boiling water with a little salt, pepper and
nutmeg. Recipes says boil them 7 to 9 minutes until tender. I would boil them  3 to 4 minutes or they turn a little mushy.

This is where the photo of the butter would go....  But apparently I had my hands full with the sesame's jumping all about and butter didn't get her close up.

But this is where you brown four tablespoons of butter in a hot skillet until brown, but not burnt, swirling the pan every few minutes. It'll take about 4 minutes.  This is called brown butter. Need I say it, it is delicious. Its a highly recommend skill  because brown butter taste great on everything. I have a whole pile of brown butter recipes, cookies, bread...... cookies.  I recommend this recipe if for no other reason than to practice your brown butter skills for cookies later, like the best cookies I've ever made, period.

Last step, add the Brussels to the skillet with the brown butter and sesame seeds. Recipe says add lemon. I just skipped that part.

Serve along side BBQ ribs from the crock pot and mash potatoes for an early before church Sunday night supper.

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gin said...

Well it looks really good. But I don't know if I can go the brussel sprouts. Serve a cookie or two of those you mentioned and I'll try a sprout.