Saturday, June 11, 2011

Roses love ice cold water

The worst part about getting roses delivered. They look like this ~ or worse~ a week later. Depressing.

I can get a few more days out of them by cutting and soaking the entire thing ~ even the bloom ~ in very cold ice water in the sink for at least one hour.  A long ice cold water bath  perks them right up.  Some of them will straighten their little heads up right in the cold water. Some of them will straighten up after getting out of the bath. Some of them just cant be saved.

Saved 11 this time. Enough to make three smaller bouquets. One for the kitchen, one for the bathroom and one for the nightstand. They will last for at least another three days. I've never done it twice. I don't know if it would revitalize them twice. I might try it in a few days....

When I first got married I soaked the entire long stem roses from Valentine's Day flowers in the bathtub. My new husband came home and said ".... what?.... why?.... do you know the flowers are in the tub?"   They still looked good two weeks later when my birthday roses arrived. Impressed the hubs to no end.


gin said...

they turned out just as pretty. thanks for the tip. I will have to use it next time I get flowers.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That's so awesome that you can make the flowers last longer! I'm going to have to try that the next time I get flowers.