Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday letters

Dear Friday: Thanks for showing up again. I really enjoying seeing you every week.

Dear Sally Hansen: Good job! The Complete Salon Manicure lasted for 9 days with only two touch ups needed. You are now running a tight race and in a close second to Revlon Colorstay as my favorite.

Dear Gulf Shores, Alabama: I love you. I don't know why we only spend one long weekend a year with you. But were going to fix that.  I have plans to see you more in 2013.

Dear Chick-fil-a: Thank you for the  chicken breakfast sandwich . It kept me company in the early morning hours of black Friday and has become a breakfast treat that has (temporarily) turned my attention away from Burger King Cinnabons.


1 comment:

gin said...

Yes, Friday's can be a girls best friend. I am enjoying your nail polish testing!