Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Real compliments I got today:

"That dress looks like it was tailor made for you" said my (female) boss and we are walking into the office from the garage.

pleated poppy"That is your color" whispered the lady I didn't know at the lunch presentation we were both attending.

"Wow. you look great. where you going today?" Said my secretary as she is quickly looking at the calendar thinking she missed an appointment.

"Is that an Adrianne Vittadini dress?" Said another attorney in my office, who has a closet full of expensive designer clothes.

Truth that no one else knows:

It came from my favorite consignment shop.

I paid $28 for it.

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gin said...

You look like a million bucks and I am sure you feel like it to in that dress. It's interesting how clothing can make us have a terrific day .

Unknown said...

It is a super cute dress! Thanks for poppin' by my blog!

Style Journey said...

It's so nice to receive compliments on something you are wearing, especially when you got such a great deal! That color really is a beautiful color on you. Thanks so much for stopping by today! Heather