Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weight Watcher friendly Blueberry Breakfast Muffin from freezer

Like the homemade egg mcmuffins sitting in my freezer, blueberry muffins are also sitting there ready to be called into action.

I didn't use my regular blueberry receipe (this one or that one)  but went looking for a healthier one (found it here) plus added oatmeal to make it even more healthy, and lemon zest and juice just because I had it and like it.

The original recipe says its 4 weight watcher points, but I think my smaller ones are 3 points each. After baking, and letting them cool off in the freezer, I threw them in a freezer bag to pull out one or two for a quick breakfast or snack.

There especially tasty after I send them to a relaxing spa vacation (the toaster oven with a little butter).

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The HOME GIRL said...

These look tasty! It's so great to find healthy foods that are as good to the tastebuds as they are to the waistline! =D