Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five

1. Its National stare at the sky day, and I am heavily participating from my office window.  It couldn't be a better day for it. Its beautiful here, and the weather is a perfect 64 degrees. I keep saying this is the last cold front that will show up here but then another one comes and I get to turn the electric blanket on. It makes me very-very happy.

2. I'm planning to make a wreath for my front door this weekend. I got the idea for the wreath here.  I'm already in love with the burlap ribbon I picked out. The ribbon and the grapevine wreath were on sale at Hobby Lobby, 50% off. I might add a little flower to the greenery. The jury is still out on that one.

3.  Last night was "date night" with my best friend. We went out to eat (McDonald's sitting in the car), we went shopping (a 5 minute stop at the grocery store) and then to a Titus 2 women's event at church. I am so fortunate to be in a church full of older women who take an interest in the younger ones. The older ladies taught us how to make jam and jelly, both the standard way and the freezer kind. We are both planning to try it with some strawberries. The ladies made it sound pretty simple. We hardly get out together, and we had a really good time.

4. As part of the new book I am reading, (168 hours), I'm keeping a two week log of what I do all day (its free- you can download it here). The basic premise of the book is you have more time than you think you have, so stop saying how busy you are and use the time you have better. Chapter one's activity is to loosely keep track of what you are doing then add up the categories at the end of the week. After keeping the log for one week, I find things do not take nearly as long as I think they do.

5.  I'm very excited the weekend is here. I have some cooking plans, a few recipes I'm going to try out  (Good Housekeeping April issue was spectacular) and some old stand-bys. Tonight we're having chicken pot pie.

I am part of Blogher's writing challenge for April here

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Thanks for visiting my blog!

It's a balmy 20 something here in Minnesota and its snowing! I envy your weather!

I LOL at your friend date at McDonalds! My best friend and I do that a lot!

Have a great weekend- good luck with the wreath!