Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Its time for my dirt manicure

My husband's Aunt Dot has the best looking front yard in Jasper County. Strangers stop by and ask to buy tomatoes. People at church tell her that they almost wreck when passing by for looking at all her flowers instead of the road. We always end each visit by walking around the yard with her telling me what each plant is and usually where she got it from. I always leave with some plants and advice for my own yard.

This visit, I got three Angel Trumpets- one yellow and two pink. and a red rose bush which she called "Callie's Rose" because she got it from her Aunt Callie, but I will re-name it "Dot's Rose"

Then, one of my best friends has decided to re-do her back yard. Lucky for me, the mature jasmine vines that she has in her backyard are not a part of her new design plan. But, they are a part of mine and are happily resting on the new fence in my backyard.

If I could locate my camera, this is where I would post some pictures of my new plants. I am hopeful that the camera is misplaced some where around the house, and not lost somewhere between here and Mississippi.

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