Friday, September 12, 2008

An unexpected day off

Are you tired of hearing about hurricane Gus?

Me, too.

So, lets talk about Hurricane Ike.... the reason for my unexpected day off.... because you cant run a generator in 50 MPH winds and rains.

So what have I done this unexpected day at home?

Three loads of laundry, changed sheets on all beds, including the two airbeds upstairs (just in case the crowds come back), braved the wind for groceries and gas, because I needed only a few basics that we could not do without:

cleaned all bathrooms, re-arranged storage cabinets to keep all candles in same spot, and.... you get the idea....


I am so ready for my normal routine, which appears to be no where in sight.


Julie said...

this may be a dumb question, but what is Fiddle Faddle?

Dawn said...

I really had to laugh at your picture of hurricane supplies!! Why do we think it's a time to buy junk food and pig out? We nearly panicked when we ran out of ice cream during Gustav, but we RARELY keep ice cream in the house any other time! Hopefully, Ike is gone and didn't bring any friends to follow him!

PAT said...

Hi Bobbie
Thanks so much for stopping by the back porch.

I am enjoying seeing everyone's ideas for the ledge.