Monday, October 6, 2008

I think I found the best yard sale of my entire yard sale visiting career.

I got this little footstool for $1.00. Its worn and dirty- I will have to make a new cover for it- but its sturdy and solid with real wood legs. Maybe my (real-life) sister Gin and her expert sewing skills can help me with my limited ones?

LSU wreath for $5.00.

Cake plate for $2.00

Two dolls for $.25 each. The clothes are definitely handmade- the boots are crochet. I think the whole doll is handmade. The legs and arms just look like material wrapped around itself.

An end table $7. Its real wood. It looks antique.

A tray and picture for $.50 each.

I instantly fell in love with this tray and will now spend all my free time searching thrift stores and yard sales for black trays with painted flowers. I have high hopes of hanging a collection in my kitchen.

I was originally planning on painting the frame of the picture black to match the tray- but I reconsidered. I think it looks better this way.... old and beat up.

I got 11 different plates for $.25 to $1.00 each. I see others with groups of plates hanging in their kitchen and they look so good. I want to do the same.... right now.... I am just lost about it....

One picture for the dining room for $5.00:


gin said...

They are all nice finds. My favorite is the last picture - with the bird. And yes, I will love to recover it for you.

Pegi said...

Hi - - you must have gotten their very early - - - very nice finds - the foot stool makeover will be a nice project for you 2 ladies - - -

Julie said...

That is awesome, I miss yard sales so much! Congrats!!!

LillyB said...

Come see my table please!