Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Upstairs floors

Instead of staining the upstairs floors.... I was too tired and too anxious to wait through another step....we just sealed the bare wood instead.

Now, they must set and "cure" for a week, then we'll put the toe kick on the baseboard.... then paint the baseboards white..... then maybe.... MAYBE.... after nine months of living in this house... I'll be able to move the upstairs furniture out of the garage.

Until then, I just walk up the stairs and stare at my new wood floors.


Rae said...

They look GORGEOUS! You must be so anxious to finish everything and finally live in the space. Can't wait to see the end project!!

Julie said...

I agree they are so beautiful! Can I move into your upstairs?

tammi said...

Absolutely beautiful!! VERY nice job!

Pegi said...

very nice - - great job - - - looks like Gin's = very nice

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Those are some gorgeous floors!

Have you considered painting the baseboards before putting them on? We usually lay them out on a couple saw horses and paint two coats, then we put 'em on, then I just crawl around with a kid's paintbrush and touch on the nail holes. (I would just cry if you got paint on those fabulous wood floors. The bare wood sealed is perfect, by the way. Perfect!)