Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu Palnning Monday

You can see more weekly menus here.

Sunday: make two chickens. Bake one and fry one (oven fried at my house). Baked potatoes and veggies

Monday: Chicken Pillows: Heat oven to 350. Mix some left over chicken with 1/2 package of cream cheese, 1/2 chopped onion, 2 stalks of chopped celery, 2 tablespoon butter and tablespoon of dry ranch dressing mix. Mix well. Press crescent rolls at seams to make larger pieces. Put one roll on bottom, add mixture, place another roll on top and pinch together to seal. Bake 15 minutes or until brown.

Tuesday: Chili in crockpot. Brown one pound of ground meat. drain and add to crockpot with 1 can of black beans, one can of kidney beans, one large can of chopped tomatoes, one can of water and chili seasoning. Let cook on low all day. Freeze some for later.

Wednesday: Chicken Salad Sandwich: Mix left over chicken with 2 heaping tablespoons of mayo, chopped grapes, 1/2 chopped onion and chopped green bell pepper. Put on bread or serve with crackers and fruit.

Thursday: Steak on grill.

Friday: Leftovers

LOOK! My second attempt at Kids' lunch....

Monday: Cold fried chicken and potato salad from grocery store deli.

Tuesday: Broccoli salad with chicken. Cut broccoli into small pieces, add crumbled bacon, 1/2 chopped onion, leftover chopped chicken, and chopped almonds (in bag in baking aisle). Mix with dressing of equal parts mayo and apple cedar vinegar and 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar to taste. Stir into salad and refridgerate overnight. Mix well before serving. Fruit on side.

Wednesday: Ants on a log: Spread cream cheese onto celery sticks and add raisins on top. Put ham cubes and cheese cubes on side. Serve with crackers.

Thursday: Ham or turkey sandwich made on bagel with side of potato chips.

Friday: Spread soften cream cheese on a flour tortilla. Add sprinkle of Greek seasoning (find in spice aisle), add ham and cheese slices- roll tortilla and then cut into little circles. Dip circles in salsa.


E. Tyler Rowan said...

You're pretty optimistic putting broccoli in a kid's lunch menu! LOL.

I really like the chicken pillow recipe. Mmmmmm. Adding those ingredients to my shopping list right now. :)

Sharon said...

Sounds really good... I wanna try those roll ups..
Have a great week

Darlene said...

The chicken pillow recipe sounds sooo good. I will have to try this.
Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

I love to read your menu plans...I am working in the kitchen today and I believe that I will write up some menus later.

Thanks for the great example and ideas!


gin said...

Good ideas as usual. You are so creative with the kids lunch.