Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why is my grocery bill so darn high?

Gas: $3.25 at station closest to my house

One gallon of 2% milk: $4.40 at Walgreens, Yes, Walgreens the drug store.... It has BY FAR the cheapest milk. It is $5.00 at the gas station and $5.50 at grocery store

I should note that I make very few trips to Wal-Mart where, I admit, the prices are cheaper- I just can't fight the crowds.... and my sanity in the grocery store is worth paying just a little bit more.... and Winn-Dixie has much better meat

5 pounds of Potatoes: $2.99 on sale at Winn-Dixie

3 pounds of onion: $2.00

Apples: $1.49 pound

Grapes: $ 2.29 pound

Banana: $.69 a pound

Lettuce: Head of Iceberg is $.99 on sale and Romaine is $1.50 on sale

Celery: $1.50

Split chicken breast: $2.99 pound- $10 for the package I bought-but it is buy one package- get one free- which I split up and get 3-4 meals from.

Whole chicken: $.99 pound

Ground Meat: ground sirloin 10% fat $5.49 a pound

Coffee: One pound of Community Coffee Dark Roast $4.50- on sale- but usually $5.50

Toilet Paper: I just bought the 24 package of double rolls and it was over $13 (!!).

Yogurt: $.60 each ($.50 with coupon)

Dried beans $ 1.50 a pound

Pillsbury Pie Crusts: $2.50 each ($2.00 with coupon)

velvetta Shells and cheese: $2.00 a box ($1.50 with coupon)

Winn-dixie brand can veggies: $.50 each

Green Giant frozen box veggies: $1.67 each ($1.17 with coupon)- sometimes on sale for $1 each.... I need a bigger freezer so I can stock up....

Pillsbury Crescent rolls: $1.67 each ($1.32 each with coupon)

Frozen lasagna: $8.99

Loaf of white/wheat bread: $2.33

Good Housekeeping magazine $2.50

Dog treats: $3.49 ($2.49 with coupon)

Want to see other's prices in their area? Look here


gin said...

I hate grocery shopping!
I love your new blog look!
I can tell that picture must be your crepe myrtle by your house.

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Wow, you changed your look! Caught me off-guard. I had to double-check that I was in the right place. Looks great!

Your prices seem pretty close to mine, so moving shouldn't be much of a stretch at all, lol. Thanks for playing along, Bobbie! :)

Darlene said...

I love the new look!

Food prices are way to high! A good friend told me about this website that will help you on menu planning and shopping list. It is also for points system on WW. She tried it and the 1st week got 1 week of meals for $78.00!! She is hooked. it is check it out and let me know if you like it. I want to try it ...but, right now I am the only one at home and it is no fun to cook for one.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Sharon said...

Yes, isn't it awful these prices. I just went to grocery store, but I felt I did pretty good. I buy the meats there as well, I do,do the buy one get one free's too, I got 6 meals out of the chicken for hubby and I. four meals out of the hamburger, four meals out of the pork loins. so yes I do this too, to save, but I try to conserve where I can, I do not like powdered milk but just about ready to buy some hahaha...naaa cannot do that, but I am now getting the 1/2 gal's. I am happy the gas prices are going down would love to see them go down more though.
I love your new look!
be blessed

one frugal lady said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.... do you mind me asking where about do you live? I got gas today for $2.79 a gallon.... I thought it was going down everywhere.... good luck, and remember, the best way to save money is try to stay out of the stores!

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Doesn't this just make you sick to your stomach?!?!? I can't believe your milk is so high, though. I'm sure it will make it's way to Phoenix soon...Oh, I dread!

That's for stopping by my blog!!! Nice to "meet" you. :)

one frugal lady said...

Hey, did you know you can get a .10cent discount at Kroger and Randalls when you accumulate $100 in groceries? This total is before using the store card and coupons, I spend way less than $100 a month on groceries, and get this discount at least 3 times a month! Hope this helps a bit!