Monday, February 9, 2009

Its all about

I was tagged to give 8 random facts about me:

1. My real name is..... Bobbie.
Not Barbara, Roberta, Robin or any other formal name that Bobbie is a nickname for. No one believes me. People asks me... your full name? (It's Bobbie) No, your real name? (It's Bobbie) No, I mean your given name.... (Bobbie)... NO! The name on your birth certificate....... (it's still Bobbie).

2. I am a foodie.

3. I won my husband over to brussel sprouts and he won me over to dark roast coffee.

4. I like going to the movies alone in the middle of the day.

5. It happens very rarely, but I really enjoy a good grocery shopping trip. I like a clean store, with wide aisles, and one that is not too busy, and has soft music playing on the speaker system, with all the time and energy in the world to leisurely stroll through each aisle, looking at the new things, planning meals in my head...... Believe me, this does not happen much.

6. I really like monograms and have them everywhere.... beach towels, mats, trash cans, pillows, plates.

7. My heels are extremely thin and narrow which makes shoe shopping very difficult, and owning a vast number of shoes impossible.

8. I keep my car full of gas at almost all times. The gauge almost never sees the half a tank level.

and one more for a bonus.....

9. I am crazy for a good hotel, and it must have a good view and a great breakfast .... no cold cereal or danish.... I look for hot waffles and biscuits and gravy. Hampton Inn and Drury are my favorites.


E. Tyler Rowan said...

I never would've taken you for a monogram girl! You learn something new every day. And I love a good hotel, too.

Pegi said...
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Pegi said...

Nice review of yourself - I'm relieved to know you keep a tank full of gas - in this day and age, we never know when we will be stuck with an unexpected emergency. I've been doing that too since Katrinia and gas price escalation.

Pegi said...
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Julie said...

those were fun to read! Especially about the gas...

gin said...

ummm, you don't surprise me at all... except the fact that you weren't always on dark roast coffee.

Sharon said...

Wow look what i just learned about you!!!! I am like you, I like to keep my tank full. On the hotel, well I am really funny, The bathroom has to be absolutely spotless, no hairs!! and when I take a shower in them I still put a towel down and stand on it while I shower, I also put paper on toilet seat hahahaha, are ya laughing at me now, I am. hahaha
anyways somethings I already knew from previous, oh yea did you ever get the other mat for the other door??
Have a blessed week

Julie said...

Bobbie, we got your sweet kind package in the mail, thank you so much. Eli and jasper love all the gifts and I love the Dove, thank you so much. Dove is my favorite and I am saving it for a special day. Thanks so much!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Movies by yourself in the middle of the day...Are you an introvert, too? I love to do the same thing and I'm an introvert.

I have narrow feet, period. It is a pain for purchasing shoes (aargh!).

It was fun to read about you!