Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sounds like a great reason for a Party

Did you know that today is President Lincoln's Bicentennial Birthday?

Did you know that there are all kinds of parties planned to celebrate?

Want to know what they'll be serving at Lincoln's Birthday bash this evening?

So do I!

Look here

... and since you are there.... follow a link to an article about Mary Todd Lincoln and her famous cake recipe.


gin said...

I visited that site you listed. I think I would enjoy that meal. except for one item--the $95 ticket.

Pegi said...

I wished I could have met Pres. Lincoln - - - He seemed so 'nice'
My next favorite president is "Thomas Jefferson" - - I beleive he was the one in the wheelchair (?) - but got up and showed the press that he would walk - - this was referring to a national crisis - indicating - 'a person can do anything - if there is heart in it."