Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you ever get tired of seeing my yard.... this may be the time to just stop reading

Because I am clearly infatuated with it.

I usually walk around the yard looking at what is blooming every evening after work. Sometimes I call my husband out too, "Hey, come look what me and God made!" The Louisiana Iris:

OK- so God had more to do with it than I did. Especially the Irises, since I did nothing but find them blooming last year and then waited to see them again this year. Something I did plant: a Palm tree with Asylums on the back porch:

The Lantana bush in front of the dining room window has grown like crazy. I noticed the first pink flowers on the Crepe Myrtle tree this morning:

The Gardenia is blooming up a storm too:

Here is something else I had nothing to do with. I cant even figure out it's name. It just blooms each Spring in the front yard:

This lily was once a house warming gift. When the bloom died, I planted the whole thing thinking it might re-bloom. It did! I have big plans for this lily. It is going to join the Irises in a big move to my yet to be constructed lily garden.

The dog gets tired of walking around the yard just looking at flowers.

Also yet to be constructed in my rose garden. I got ahead of myself and put one rose bush in already. Its name is "pink peace". It has bloomed a couple of times, but I must admit it is puny. I am not good with roses.

I planted some marigolds in a big pot on top of the patio table.

The Confederate Jasmine on the fence is coming along too, although not covering the fence as fast as I had hoped.

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Pegi said...

Beautiful Flowers - I bet the gardenia smells 'nice' -