Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weight Watcher friendly late summer salsa

Its Foodie Friday!

I love this salsa.

People come over and rant and rave about it. I never say how easy it is or how WW friendly it is. I sometimes make it and bring it to my friends, for no reason, except they just love it, too.

Corn and Black Bean Salsa

In large bowl combine 1 can of drained whole corn, 1 can of drained and rinsed black beans, 1 large green pepper diced, 1 large red onion diced, 1 small jalapeno diced, and 2 diced tomatoes.

Add fresh chopped cilantro, two cloves fresh chopped garlic, one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, juice of one lime, 1/3 cup olive oil and two tablespoons taco seasoning mix.

Toss and serve with chips.

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Rattlebridge Farm said...

Wonderfully fresh and kind to the hips--to my way of thinking, this is the perfect recipe.

SouthernGal said...

Sounds yummy! Can't beat something that tastes good and doesn't add to the waistline at the same time.

Christi @ A Southern Life

Pegi said...

Sounds very healthy ! It's going to be hard to beat your home-made chicken pot pie with all those veggies - - and anyone reading this - let me tell you - I'm not exaggerating - - her home-made chicken pot pie is delicious - home made - (taste like she took all day to prepare) - but it's simple - -but ohhhh so healthy - and delicious!

Mary Bergfeld said...

The colors of your salsa must be beautiful. I can picture it on my table as part of a Southwestern meal. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Queen B. said...

oooooI love any kind of salsa.
perfecto !

April Pantall said...

Sounds yummy! Perfect for all the fall football get-togethers :)

Michelle said...

So many Salsas today. Must be that time of year! Sounds wonderful!

50s Housewife said...

Sounds SO good! I love salsa!