Friday, June 17, 2011

Insta-Friday: My week in cell phone pictures

life rearranged

Looks like the new car is coming sooner rather than later. Cant drive home without it getting overheated and strange lights coming on. 
Its surprisingly easy to get into the habit of afternoon coffee. Of course you cant have afternoon coffee without a little something sweet.

I met my friend Caroline for lunch. I said we have to go someplace healthy. I am getting back on track on weight watchers. I'm serious about this. So this was my lunch.

And, this is what Caroline had. (really.)

Then I went back to work and found these. Gourmet cupcakes. I couldn't pick my favorite. Its a dead heat between the one with the blue icing (wedding cake) and the one with the Carmel drizzle (banana foster). Weight watcher thing isn't working out this week. 

After getting jacked up with sugar and caffeine,  I have plenty of energy for clearance shopping at the Mall.

Friday, I skipped the afternoon coffee/baked goods for a "healthy" afternoon snack.

Ended up with chips and guacamole. 
And half of a peanut butter cup cake.

{heavy sigh}

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Pegi said...

That Peanut Butter CupCake looks delicious !