Friday, September 30, 2011

The week in cell phone photos

Snowball truck parked himself right outside my office garage. I resisted.

Seriously? Christmas trees are up in the stores?

This is how I spent last weekend. Room 545 Oschner Hospital.
Hubs sends me to JC Penny to get him a new LSU shirt. I send him his choices. He picked this one.

I lobbied for this one. Kept telling him how nice it was. I was out voted.

At Lifeway to pick out a Beth Moore study. I'm not sure how this happened but...... I'm now the Sunday School teacher to the high school youth girls. (I know. what do I know about high school youth girls? Right. I'm nervous for myself) Instead of a regular SS book, I thought we'd do a Bible study.
This will be their first real Bible study. Of course, I'm choosing Beth Moore to introduce them.

Is it wrong of me to take a picture of the book and then try and find it
cheaper at Amazon or free at the Library? I'm pretty sure I'm buying this book next. I almost couldn't wait.
But I bought this one instead. It was a close race, but this one is home with me. Waiting to get underlined and highlighted.  It was too good to wait and shop around.
This is also on the list of books I'm buying next. 
My puppy just sits his big behind inside and watches the squirrels and birds. 
View from the 21st floor Chase Tower, Baton Rouge 

Spent a good part of the week on the couch with my little buddy.

Dear Santa..... Can you see your way to getting this bike under my tree? or at least let the Mr. know about it, or my brother in law.  (The first year we got married. I left a note for "Santa" on the kitchen counter and went to work. Never thought about it again. I just assumed the Mr. got it. I forgot all about it. Until the Sunday before Christmas when my brother in law gave me a huge box filled with everything on the list. He had stopped by our house in the middle of the day, saw the note for my husband and just put it in his pocket without telling anyone. I know! I am still shocked at how sweet that was.)

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gin said...

You've had an interesting week. And as a teacher -- your class will enjoy every minute, congratulations!!