Monday, December 5, 2011

As close to Maw-Maw's chicken and dumplins as I can get (this side of Heaven) part 1

Because I'm sure she'll have some made for me when I come visit her the first day I get to Heaven. I'm pretty sure our mansions will be next door to each other. They may even have an adjoining hall.  I'll move in and find a cat asleep on my bed and my Maw-Maw making chicken and dumplins, anticipating my arrival.
Until then, I'm perfecting my technique here.
Get out the left overs thrown in the freezer, the half of baked chickens,
the half of onions, stray carrots, and unused celery and...

 a couple of these little fellows and...

throw it all in a big pot and fill it up with water. Put on a low heat.
Yes, I throw in the onion skins too. Chef John Folse said I could. and...
Basically, I forget about it completely. After 3 hours on so, it looks like this (and the house smells like Martha Stewart lives here).

Drain the liquid and save it (of course).

Pick the chicken off the bone and add to the reserved broth. This is where the onions, the onion skins and the celery and I part ways. I  could either measure this up and have the best ever chicken stock at your fingertips in the freezer or just put it all in the fridge for tomorrow.

Because its late now. I'm not my Maw-Maw who could make it all in one day.

I are not superwoman. I are tired. My Maw would want me to go sit down and take a long break. 

We tackle it again tomorrow.

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Pegi said...

I bet Maw-Maw had no idea you and Ginger would turn out to be such wonderful chefs - - all b-cuz they watched her daily - - Wished I would have watched more closely! -