Friday, January 27, 2012

Loving others through the gift of food (and 'through the tyranny of the urgent')

"I don't think I'm a very good friend. There have been times I should have written someone a note or taken someone a meal, and then the thought is gone among all the other things I have to do. There have been plenty of moments when I could have encouraged someone, but the tyranny of the urgent clamored louder." Journey magazine daily devotion

Like others, I'm paralyzed by my busy-ness   and I can so relate to the  Journey devotion. Where does my good thoughts go?  Life gives me so many opportunities to love others (and opportunities to be on the receiving end of love), and I really want to. When I sit quietly (usually in church), I  can make some grand plans in my head.  But the thoughts are slippery, they disappear fast along with my good intentions.

Its impossible for me to love on others unless I have made a committment to myself to do so when asked and I have intentionally planed ahead to actually put the plans into action (and it helps to make dinner for my own house too):

Trick number one:  fastest dinner ever, made possible by cooking ahead and freezing.

Trick number two: my own slice and bake version  of dessert.

The hard part of spageheti, coked and waiting in the freezer ready to spring into action


Anonymous said...

This is PERFECT! I love this post bc I'm sometimes paralyzed (as you said) by thinking it has to be something super elaborate and then I do nothing! I really love your post. SO glad you linked to Eat 2 Gather. Looking forward to your future posts on this.

Sheila @E2gather said...

Bobbie, What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for linking back to my blog. I hope to see you weekly. much luv and hugs, Sheila

Mary said...

Hi Bobbie,

What a lovely post. I think you summed up beautifully how I feel - making grand plans in church then not following through.

You are so right...things do not need to be fancy. I think one of the sweetest meals (and the only one that week) came delivered in a container just like you showed in your pic. My son was 7 and had just had an operation and the last thing I could think about was cooking. When my smiling friend rang the doorbell and handed me the container, I was soooo appreciative!

Thanks for encouraging us to do the same!



Stacey said...

This is such a great post and I love the devotion you found to go with it. I think of this often. Like many people, I work way too many hours per week and sometime just hope to have clean undies. :) Still, there are people I want to remember and give to in little ways. You are so right that it takes preparation.