Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update week #4... the end of the January challenge

I had briefly thought about continuing this challenge into February but week #4 is the week I decided this is stupid, miserable, pretty much impossible and I am not happy, giving in now, coming to my senses, tired of this foolishness, don't need this additional self created stress in my daily life I'm losing motivation.

I accidentally bought the more expensive milk
and not the one on sale and I bought hamburger buns
but they didn't make it home with me, so I'm buying them again.

breakfast: cereal (ran out on Tuesday), oatmeal (box empty on Wednesday), yogurt, fruit, bacon (from freezer), bagel and eggs (ran out on Friday)

lunch: leftovers and daily office king cake(s)

dinner: roast, potatoes, veggies, spaghetti and meatballs, leftovers and waffles

Lunch: $10 (my turn for the daily office king cake)
Groceries: $36.19 ($1.19 over budget)

Now...turning my attention to February goals . . . . .

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Kristy said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me from daybook. :) I followed you back to your blog and somehow ended up reading about your ambitious challenges. Way to go! Maybe I need to find myself some challenges to keep me more accountable in some areas of my life... Looking forward to following you!