Thursday, February 9, 2012


My high school girls Sunday School class. I am shocked at how much I love them already. (I. am. SHOCKED!)

I am shocked at how fast they opened up. I sat behind them in church for a year and could see they needed a positive female role model in their life, but didn't think they could see it too

or they'd embrace one so quickly and fully

(or embrace me!)

or they'd immediately open up and start talking and not stop.

If you would have told me last month that I'd be waking up worrying about whether these girls were gonna encounter any mean girls today and  if they would have someone to sit with at lunch....

I would have said . . . .

no way.

That's not me.

That doesn't even sound like me.

I don't like that drama.

I don't have the extra brain power,

or time,

or energy.

It is shocking how much God can move your heart to love high school girls!

We let them pick their own Bible Study book. This is what we'll be studying:

um.... yeah.

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