Monday, February 6, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, February 6

Outside my window... Its chilly again. I couldn't be happier. Next weekend the high temperature will be 55. I will be estatic

I am thinking... about fertilizing the roses, planting Camillas and getting a picture for above the couch.

I am thankful for... Valentine's day is around the corner. Ready to add one new pink rose bush to the garden.

From the learning rooms..... reading the Bible every day this year and on line Bible study for Lies Women Believe.

From the kitchen... Chicken breast were on a crazy sale this weekend. Cheaper than whole chickens. I bought two very large packs. Sunday we had chicken breast with veggies. Then, when my husband was watching the SB, I made chicken salad sandwich for work this week and two pans of chicken enchiladas, one for our fridge and one for the neighbors, and still froze two breasts for later.

I am wearing... A belt from the clearance rack at Coldwater Creek. One of the four new belts I bought this weekend. I went on a crazy belt shopping spree that also netted these.  My first ever pair of jeans I can wear heels with. God bless the person who makes 37 inch inseams and casual Fridays.
I am going... to this Camilla show and to this one.

I am reading... this book. (the short version of the story is a lesbian life long atheist in her forties wakes up one morning, walks into a church, accepts Jesus and starts a food pantry)

I am hoping...  a system to organize my recipes will suddenly fall from the sky onto my dining room table.

I am hearing... a happy hum of  the heater kicking on.

Around the house... Butch is about ready for his annual check-up, which is sure to include the words, "arthritis medication"

One of my favorite things... King Cake. I've eaten an inordinate amount this year. Its a love-hate thing. I love them. but I'm ready for them to disappear until January 8, 2013, but I'm sad I only have them in my life for the next 14 days.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....snuggle in under an electric blanket and start chapter three of the Bible Study.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

new picture for above the mantle.
Scripture is "I will give you peace and quietness"
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Lisa notes... said...

"Lies Women Believe" is one of my favorite books. Wish I had started the study with you all.

I'm about ready to hit the hay and snuggle under my electric blanket too. Love that thing. :-)

The picture is lovely! So peaceful.

Thanks for sharing your Daybook.

gin said...

Pretty picture!!!