Saturday, March 31, 2012

On my nightstand currently. . .

More Than A Carpenter by Josh and Sean McDowell. Someone at church gave me this book for a Hindu friend I've been witnessing to for ten years. Instead of giving it to her, I thought it would be more effective to read it myself and then use its knowledge in conversations with her (or others).  There is so much information Im getting overwhelmed. I'm going to outline the book just like I use to do text books in law school. It has a great deal of intellectual information/historical data/legal argument that supports Jesus is who the Bible says he is.

The No Asshole Rule by Robert Sutton. Required reading for work that I am still struggling through off and on for a year, now. I am, however, on the last chapter and plan to finish it soon. I think I'm the only employee to actually complete this assignment. The bottom line: You'll go further faster by being nicer. (I also have another book by Robert Sutton in CD form in my car right now. This one)

For Women Only in the Workplace by Shaunti Feldhahn: I always try and have a "business" type book going at all times.  I find this one is full of scientific data (a little dry) and I am struggling through this too. But, I have learned some useful information already just in the first chapter, and she has already made a reference to my favorite movie. I'll stick with it.

Warrior Chicks by Holly Wagner:  I love this book.  Read four chapters in one night. Originally for the high school girls Sunday School class, but now I think it might be too mature for them. The basic message is  life is tough and you've got to be tougher. God has given you a job to do, stop whining and go do it. The high school girls might still go through this one. A lot of references to women in history who "stayed at the post" God assigned for them, like Susan B. Anthony.

Lies Women Believe book and Bible study by Nancy Lee Demoss. My first online Bible study.  My first Nancy Lee Demoss book. I usually do Beth Moore studies and Nancy is not as "chatty" as Beth is.  But focuses on fundamental information that you need to be continuously reminded about.  I've made it to the last week. I have three days of homework left. Its good to be in a Bible study, but doing it online doesn't give you that same sense of community or intimacy with a small group. 

What is on your nightstand  now?

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