Friday, March 30, 2012

Things I saw this week

Walking around Spanish Town at lunch.  Its the oldest neighborhood in Baton Rouge.
Why is it called Spanish Town?
When Louisiana was sold to the USA in 1803, this small area was set aside
 as Spanish soil and part of Spanish Florida. 

My shadow

Friendly Spanish Town neighborhood cat came over to say hello.
He lives in one the of the nicest homes in the neighborhood. I call him Jorge. He answers to anything.
I told my husband I've got a lunch relationship goingon with a cat and he said....
Great. Now Im gonna get fleas.

Inspiration for the swing on my front porch. Maybe some paint?
Maybe some pillows? Maybe some ferns?

Definitely need some purple and gold flamingos for my yard.
Do you think the HO Association will understand?

The river behind my house- surprisingly flooded.

Sun setting into Mississippi River from my office window

Different day. Different sunset. Same river.

1 comment:

gin said...

i like the porch swing pillows idea>>
and the sunsets are beautiful.