Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The end of the beginning

The beginning. January 2008

On my husband's 44th birthday, we bought a house. and built a fence. And then built another one. Put in an entire downstairs bathroom.   master shower. Painted the upstairs bathroom. Built a new kitchen island. Then a kitchen island countertop. Painted the dining room (after scraping off the wallpaper) and changed the chandlier.  

After a bee sting sent him to the ER, we found and eradicated 20,000 bees from the live oak in the back yard.  Cleaned and painted some dilapidated fixtures, Painted the upstairs bedrooms.
Put in baseboards and blinds. New floors upstairs. new floors downstairs. Changed the living room doors and windows. Built a closet under the stairs. Put floor in kitchen. New fridge.

my sister in law in the middle of a kitchen demolition
Weathered a major hurricane hitting Baton Rouge. Carpeted the stairs,  Changed the bedroom doors. 

Neighbors thought it was a Halloween decoration

Painted the master bedroom. Again. Installed waterproofing in rear of house. New front door.  new windows, New kitchen door. Finally completed back splash in upstairs bathroom , started building a boat port, built an upstairs deck
we are pooped.
Its not really the end of the beginning. More like the end of the middle.

Whats left to do?

these counter tops in kitchen,  another fence, and gate,  new kitchen sink (I am begging my husband for this. thus far he is resisting. I'm going just order it and hire a contractor to come put it in. I REALLY want it). new sinks and cabinets in master bathroom. Painting master bathroom. This color and  perhaps this too (?) (husband has assured me it will never happen). floors in "other upstairs". Blinds and curtains in window in "other staircase", Sheetrock and  paint "other upstairs' (really... at some point were gonna have to stop calling it the other upstairs..... any ideas?) concrete for boat port, shelves in garage, curtains in dining room and kitchen,  rug for kitchen table (currently searching), this, carpet in upstairs closets, vines in back yard to cover fence, more Camilla bushes, landscaping for front yard, iron gate, and a partridge in a pear tree (or a crawfish we caught in arabie.)


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gin said...

thats a lot of work going on with all your other daily routine. Looks wonderful though.