Friday, April 6, 2012

My week.

Saturday:  My big plans for hitting the garage sales with my sister in law were ruined when I woke up dizzy. Instead, I stayed in my gown, made a banana cake and watched the squirrels take over the back yard.

Sunday:  Church, grocery store, cleaning house with my ipod on full volume. Since I cant deny it any longer, the fall/winter clothes went upstairs. spring/summer clothes came downstairs. Goodbye long sleeve cardis.

My friend's front porch (I am so jealous), flower from pink rose bush number two, and a pink rose garden in Spanish Town.

Monday:  Since everyone but me is on Spring break, traffic was delightful. Google searched today: Best walking shoes. I suddenly cheered up about 4:00p when I realized Dancing with the stars was on and I started this challenge

Tuesday: The highlight of my day was lunch with my cousin in my conference room and coming home to find the housekeeper was here.
I have my eye on these shoes, Butch's favorite spot and I might be a little obsessed with playing monopoly at Albertsons.

Wednesday: Planned Easter menu in my head. Met husband for dinner. Wore a really cute outfit. 

Thursday: 80 degrees today. I walked for 30 minutes at lunch then ate two Gold Brick Eggs. and printed three recipes to try over the long holiday weekend.

The pizza truck in front of my office, the red roses in front of my bathroom window and rose from pink rose bush number 3.

Friday: Date with the husband in New Orleans. Saw the 9/11 exhibit at the WWII museum, and ate at a favorite spot when we were dating, Mandina's. (here is the NY Times story about Mandina's  and here ). Then braved Wal-Mart for the Easter ingredients.

 Geese in my neighbor's front yard, a flag found at the World Trade Center, and lunch: soft crab with shrimp e'touffee. 

New Orleans Cemetery, Jasmine blooming on my fence(I can hardly stand in the driveway, it smells so good), and a lot with a boat slip benig built where my friend's retirement house is going 


gin said...

loved your week in review!!
actually I thought the porch was yours.
wish that boat slip lot was mine.
how did you catch the pictures of the geese?
nice trip to NO for yall!
and your roses and jasmine are lovely.

Sharon said...

I LOVE the new format Bobbie! AND I LOVE the week in review!!