Monday, August 27, 2012


Suffering through the summer heat.

Listening to this little audio book

Vacation prep (Amelia Island  and St. Augustine

Hurricane prep ( hello Isaac )

Found a mouse in the guest bathroom. I was shocked into inaction. I just stood there with my mouth open while I watched him escape. Didn't even try to stop him. I have no explanation. Maybe there is something to the phrase, paralized with fear.

Just finished this Bible Study (Loved it).

Keeping the Nehiemiah theme going and starting this one.

Sitting in traffic.

Babysitting Buddy, the scaredycat  next door dog.

Teaching 8-12 grade girls Sunday School class.

Found a bee in the bathroom that turned into finding two that turned into husband finding hundreds and spending a weekend drilling multiple holes in the upstairs floor/bathroom ceiling to fumigate. Why do bees try to constantly move into my house?

Still plowing through (maybe plowing through isnt the right words.... maybe crawling through)  this study.

Planning baby showers.

Making ice coffee concentrate a lot.

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gin said...

I like your mouse and bee episodes! The mouse was probably more fearful of you than you of him. The Bible study probably adds a little normalcy to your day.