Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What ~ exactly ~ is "hurricane prep"?

Sit in line at the gas station to fill all vehicles with gas.

Stand in line at Walgreens for extra prescriptions and over the counter meds.

Get up at 5:30a, get to Walmart in an attempt to get groceries before they sell out and avoid standing in too long of a line.

Grocery list: tuna fish, bread, extra milk, extra bread, fruit, crackers, can good, dog food, dog treats, matches, charcoal and  granola bars.

See everyone you know at Walmart and stop and visit for a while.

Get caught in traffic evacuating from New Orleans.

Put air conditioner on 67 to cool house down before electricity and A/C go away for 2 weeks.

Move everything from front porch and back porch and put in garage.

Clean up and rearrange garage so everything from front porch and back porch will fit.

Round up all flashlights and candles.

Take swing down.

Keep TV on local news at all times, including at work.

Stop at Barnes and Nobles and get a book or two and new Fall fashion magazines.

Dust, sweep and change sheets in extra bedrooms for possible hurricane guests.


Tape windows in a X pattern to re-enforce.

Stock up on bottled water.

Get generator from storage and ready to call into action.

Forward work phone to cell phone and send e-mails that we are shut down due to the hurricane in the Gulf.

Cancel appointments.

Get cash from ATM.

Check on mother in law, sister in law and anyone living in a low area.

Secure boat.

Check on neighbors prep.


Clean house. Hurricane guests are coming.

Stand in line to get bags of ice for freezer.

Clean and ready outside grill.

Is it too late for overnight shipping of  a thundervest?

Wash all clothes and dishes in house.

Visit Starbucks, one last time.


gin said...

wishing your household safety and a quick recovery.

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Wow - craziness! Praying for you.