Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vacation week number two recap

Vacation day number 7 (Monday) More therapy needed. Marshall's (wire magazine rack and Martha Steward cookie packaging), Michael's Craft Store (3 baskets for organizing bathroom cabinets), Academy Sports (nothing), Chick-fil-a (kids meal with diet lemonade), and McDonald's (ice cream cone). Then went on a reconnaissance mission gathering information and narrowing my choices of living room furniture, visited: Olindes Furniture, Town and Country, Home Furnishings, Dillard's Furniture, Gerard's Furniture and V. Watts Furniture. Exhausted. Took Advil and went to bed early.

Vacation day number 8 (Tuesday) Spent the morning putting the organizational products to use and cleaning and organizing the bathroom and the dining room. Spent 35 minutes sitting in traffic while interstate closed for a bad wreck. Spent two hours (and a lot of money) in my hairdresser's chair. More chick-fil-a (grilled chicken club with fruit and diet lemonade). Spent the evening getting keys to my friend's vacation house we are borrowing.

Vacation day number 9 (Wednesday) last minute errands, last minute cleaning, last minute packing and four hour drive for a last minute mini-vacation at Toledo Bend.
Vacation day number 10 (Thursday) Slept in. Sat around in PJs. Drove 40 miles into Texas to go to antique shops, garage sales, lunch and Walmart for groceries for dinner on the grill. More sitting in PJs.

Vacation day number 11 (Friday) While the husband went early morning fishing, I spent the morning laying in bed reading.   After afternoon boat riding together, a little sunburn, more reading and naps. Had an early dinner at the Mexican place, one of only four restaurants in town, (and that's counting the gas station that sells pizza and breakfast). Husband went early evening fishing, I watched two episodes of The Waltons.

Vacation day number 12 (Saturday) Breakfast from the gas station (Biscuit and bacon, brought to me in bed while the husband was on his way for more early fishing). More laying in bed, more reading. Cleaning up, packing and driving 4 hours back home. While the husband went to the LSU game, I went to Walmart. Up late preparing lesson for high school girls Sunday School.   Feels like reality came back awful fast.

Vacation day number 13 (Sunday)  Welcomed a cool front. Sunday School and Church, cooked a big lunch, got self and house ready work tomorrow, took husband to see the couches I've narrowed it down to and return vacation house keys.  Mourned a great deal  a little because vacation is over. sniffle


gin said...

welcome home! what a variety filled vacation. Love that Lake T trip.

Pegi said...

Although you are home - - and back to 'reality' - - I'm so glad you and hubby had a wonderful vacation 'get away'! Welcome Home !