Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 days of simple organization:: Day 10: A personalized small wood box stores my nail polish

My current favorite Sally Hansen ($1.99) in Gemstone
(making an appearance on my toes only)

Why this works for me: 
  • Its all in one place.
  • Its portable. I can carry it from the bathroom to the bedroom to the living room, where ever I'm doing my nails.  (typically Sunday night in bed)
  • It limits how much nail polish I can have since it wont all fit into the little box.
  • If I want a new color, an old color gets thrown out. So my polish never gets old and unusable.
  • My collection is so small, I never accidentally buy two of the same color.
  • This also means I buy cheaper polish (Because  I cant throw out a bottle of Essie that I paid $9 for).
  • I am always on the lookout for "sample" size polish. (Walgreen's and CVS sometimes has them) so I get to try all the new colors.


Pegi said...

I love the 'engraved' box

gin said...

Sweet !