Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 days of simple organization: Day 9: Choose to have a calmer day by embracing that magic time called early morning

I like to sleep in as much as the next cat..... No.  Probably more.  (No. Definatley more.)

But I learned that if I don't get something done first thing in the morning, its usually not getting done.

Exercise....Bible Study..... Cleaning the house..... Doing the laundry.... Dropping off the dry cleaning....Grocery shopping.... Planning dinner..... Calling the cable company or the eye doctor..... A report due at work....Sending a friend a note of encouragement....Making the bed...... All of it must be done as early in the day as possible or it might not get done at all. But why?

Unexpected things happen.
I get tired, overwhelmed, don't feel good, lazy.
I forget!
Other commitments come along.
Urgent things pop up.
Get busy on something else.
Run out of time.

and why does it feel so fantanstic to get up and get something accomplished?! The mornings I get my grocery shopping done before going into the office (typically at 8:00a), I feel like super woman for the rest of the day.

and I want to feel like superwoman every day!

This early morning action plan requires a little prep first.

Prep is a three step process:
  1. tonight, determine whats the most important thing you want to do tomorrow
  2. getting up
  3. doing it as early as possible
Here a little more help........

a Hello Mornings Challenge on the Inspired to Action blog 
a Good Morning Girls blog
this audio book that I REALLY like and
my final secret weapon for getting going in the early morning..... The "Good Morning" song by Mandessa.

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gin said...

i love my early morning time by myself. I don't get anything done though. I will work on getting a few things accomplished in my morning time.