Monday, October 8, 2012

31 days of simple organization:: Day 8: Ask for help. "There ain't no shame in it. Thats what they are there for"

When I was in my first year of law school, a third year student (who I really respected and admired)  spoke to my class about taking advantage of the three free professional counseling sessions that all law students get. Before this, I had honestly never given a thought to asking for help in something I felt like I could just do by myself.  But she said, "There ain't no shame in it. That's what they are there for."  That small statement suddenly made it all click for me.  For whatever reason, I needed permission to go get help in doing something I could do myself!!

Housekeeping help? Someone to go grocery shopping?  Professional closet organizer? Dietitian to plan menus? "There ain't no shame in it. That's what they are there for."

Some help I've enjoyed
I've asked my company to fold towels.
I've asked my neighbor to walk my dog.
I've tricked my friend's kids into cleaning the baseboards (they thought we were playing a game!)
I've hired housekeepers.
I've hired someone to build a kitchen island and paint my bedroom.
I've hired a professional wardrobe stylist to both clean my closet and go shopping with me.
I've made appointments with a bra fitting specialist.
I've had meals catered in my home.
I let guest do the dishes.
I've asked my mother in law to plan two baby showers that I had volunteered to plan.
I've bought pre-made freezer meals from a local chef.
I've hired a decorator for advice on curtains.
I've asked the youth from church to come over and clean up (for a donation to camp).
I use to send my father in law to the grocery store every. single. day. (he lived with me)
I've hired a wedding planner.

and I know what your thinking.... and it doesn't cost as much as you think
some things are even free (bra specialist appointments, company, in laws) or really cheap (youth at church)

Where do you find help?
Ask a friend who has a clean and organized house if she has a housekeeper
Ask a friend who has a stylish wardrobe if she has any professional help
Look in the newspaper ads and classified sections of the paper
Google search
A friend who could use some financial help
Neighborhood kids
Ask face book
In a professional decorated house, ask the names of wall colors and write it down for your own house
Offer to babysit your nieces/nephews for free and put them to work
Put an ad in the church bulletin
Ask the Youth minister at church
Ask your next door neighbor for any recommendations
Ask your Women's Sunday School or Bible Study group. (Start with, "hey... does anybody know someone who would ....")
Ask for wardrobe help from the Women's clothing manager at Dillard's
Find a blog you like on the subject and see if the author offers personalized sessions (usually for a fee) through the Internet
Say yes when your friend says, "is there anything I can do to help?"
Ask for gift cards for housekeeping service for your birthday
Offer to donate things to a friend's yard sale if she'll come get them

You save time
You save your sanity
You learn new and improved ways to do things
Your benefiting the other person by allowing them the blessing (financial or otherwise)
Your house (or car or desk or self or whatever you are trying to improve) is actually improving

The bottom line.... there are people who can help you to do the projects you want to do quicker, easier and usually better than you can (and they'll enjoy doing it!). Let them do it for you! Even if you can do it, you don't have to do everything yourself.

There ain't no shame in it! That's what they are there for!


gin said...

That might be easier said than done for me. Did you have to work on asking others, or are you just naturally a leader and designator ? I may need a little more help on this one.

Pegi said...

Great idea ! - - and, I must admit - I enjoyed 'helping' - - it also returns some 'favors' and I know you enjoyed those 'clothes being folded' - looking forward to visiting again - real soon -