Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 days of simple organization: Day 7: Make a few lists and keep your lists all in one place

I've slowly learned that not only do I need to write everything down, it does me little good to write it on random post it notes or the back of envelopes that I can't find when I'm standing in the grocery store looking for it. Or I forget where I put it. Or the little pieces of paper get lost. 

It helps me to have all my various lists kept in one place.

This is my one place.... a pink leather journal with Bible verses on each page and an inscription "Daughter of the King" on the cover. (It was a gift). 

Its small enough to put in my purse and its pretty enough to sit on my desk but not too nice that I don't want to actually use it.

What do I write down?

The usual things like a daily to do lists and a grocery list. 

The maybe not so usual things like organizational projects I want to try around my house, things I want to accomplish on my days off, makeup or nail polish someone recommends (usually on Youtube), house renovation projects, "someday" shopping lists of things I hope to find, things I want to do on vacation, ideas for Sunday School class....I've got quite a few lists going in my little pink book.

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gin said...

i have those lists all over the place - counter, purse, desk. Now i am going to use a little book, all in one place sounds great.