Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 days of simple organization:: Day 24: organized elimination

"Its all too much" Peter Walsh

"You cant organize clutter"  Marla Cilley ("the flylady")

There is just no way around it.  In order to get more organized, your going to have to get rid of some things.

I find its easy to keep one box going at all times ready for the Goodwill store. I have a friend who keeps her box in the master closet. I have another friend with a box always in the trunk of her car. My box sits in my garage and as I find things I don't really want anymore, don't like, decide its the wrong color, dont have a place for or don't really use, it immediately goes in the box.  When the box gets full, it immediately goes to Goodwill.

Why does it feel so good to get rid of things?!

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