Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday letters

Dear Peggy: Thank you for the unexpected gift card and the treat(s) I will be getting. You will make some of my upcoming afternoons very pleasant and productive.
Dear Revlon: You make a great polish. Looking forward to seeing more of you on my fingers and toes soon.

Dear Ann Taylor: You know I buy the majority of my clothes on Black Friday and you know how much I really look forward to spending these yearly early mornings with you. For the past two years in a row, you've had everything in the store 50% off, and some items even more! However, I'm hearing rumors that's it only going to be 40% off this year. I'm expecting to see that 50% off  sale again. Don't disappoint me. and I'm looking at you too, Banana Republic and Bass.

Dear Husband: Thank you for staying up with me all night when I had a reaction to antibiotics. I appreciate it even more since I got to stay home from work the next day but you didn't. I'll let you sleep all day Saturday, and I'll take out the trash.

Dear Bath and Body Works: Thank you for your frequent 2 for $20 sale and putting the Fall candles on clearance. I am going broke buying your candles, but my house has never smelled better.

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1 comment:

Jena Roach said...

Aw, sweet husband! Hope you feel better!

And yes, Revlon... underrated polish! Love it.