Thursday, November 8, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Nailpolish testing

Saturday PM, after three coats of  Revlon Color Stay in Velvet Rope, the test drive begins.

It claims to stay "up to 11 days of gel like shine and chip proof nails."

Me and Good Housekeeping are skeptical. 

Good Housekeeping did a test with the same brand here.

Tuesday: (day 3) I see a little chipping on the very edges of the nails. But not enough for anyone else to notice as I got a lot of compliments at lunch.

Unsolicited compliment! On my nails! Two girlfriends remarked that it looked like I had been to a salon and couldn't believe I did it at home myself, and couldn't believe I did it on Saturday.

They said it was unbelievably shiny and a great color for me.

Wednesday: (day 4) Small touch up required just to the tips of three or four.

Friday:  (day 6) Another touch up required, but this time all tips get a little more polish. Still shiny.

Sunday: (day 8) Chips everywhere. Its possible I could do a major touch up and still get one more day out of this polish, but I just don't want to fool with it. It left a little stain on my fingernails even though I used a Revlon base coat before the color and my nails are very dry now that it is off.

Verdict?  Maybe the claims of 11 days of chip proof performance is a little stretch, but a home manicure that last for 8 days with minimal touchups is still phenomenal. And it really was a gel like shine. All for around $7 a bottle.

Revlon, Its impressive.

I'll be looking for more Revlon colors.

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