Saturday, December 22, 2012

Covergirl Outlast Lipstick and other news

I would have never taken a second look at this lipstick, two different tubes look too complicated. And I haven't worn Covergirl since I was about 14.  But it had been highly recommended by Emily Noel, a beauty blogger with a You-Tube Channel, where I basically get all my information about make-up products these days.  She has a lot of good things to say about Covergirl, which made me want to try it.

Now I love it, and wear it every day. My favorite is plum (color 551), and I have immediate plans to try some of the nudes as soon as I go back to Wal-mart (after the Christmas madness).  It says it last up to 16 hours. It has never lasted 16 hours for me, but there has been days when, no exaggeration, I've put it on after lunch about 1:00pm, and still had some on when I was brushing my teeth at night.

In other news...

  • I was at Starbucks for my afternoon pick-me-up and someone in front of me paid for my coffee! I couldn't believe it! That is the first time it has ever happened to me! Such a good feeling. I then paid for the coffee for the car behind me, and left a little message that I was spreading Jesus love through free coffee. I hope it continued down the line all afternoon! But even if it didn't, it made me very happy and the car behind me happy, and hopefully, the girl handing out the coffee, happy.

  • I am so happy for a 4 day weekend, although it doesn't look like its going to be particularly restful or productive for me and any of the many organizational projects I want to start at home.

  • For Christmas gifts, I am making pans of easy Cinnamon Pecan Rolls and wrapping, unbaked with directions on how to cook. I have 5 pans to make tonight to hand out at the big family Christmas party tomorrow.

  • Christmas day looks like its going to be stormy and turn really cold. Perfect day to stay inside, in my sweatpants. We are expecting a very low key Christmas day with only a few people over. For the last few years, Christmas after a big lunch, is spent in bed reading. Looks like perfect weather for this tradition to continue.

  • I have been wishing for a round rug for my kitchen table for quite a while. I think I'm going to actually get one now.  I've got my eye on this one or this one or this one. I really like to buy American made products, so I'm pretty sure its going to be the one made in the USA.

  • That is all.

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Unknown said...

Hi Bobbie,

Thanks so much for visiting me over at - I did tell you . I have a lipstick like this too, and have found it lasts really well, but can sometimes flake or dry a bit.