Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday daybook- Busy with Christmas planning edition

Outside my window... A grey and humid morning (as my fluffy hair can testify to) turned into a cool and sunny afternoon. Thank you latest cold front to visit the deep south. Welcome and please, stay a while.

I am looking forward to... Two weeks in a row of short weeks at work and the long weekends at home.

In my kitchen... I made Cracker Toffee (original recipe here) and although it was tasty,  it didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. I've made Trisha Yearwood's Saltine and Sweet Toffee (recipe here) and loved it and Martha Stewart's Salted Toffee Squares (recipe here) and loved it even more. I have to reassess the Christmas desserts.

ingredients for
cracker toffee
A favorite quote for the day... "Do whatever you do with a spirit of excellence knowing that you represent God. God is calling you to a higher standard." Joel Osteen

I am listening to... Michael Buble Christmas CD 

I am realizing... I want a cleaner house. I know my house will never be as spotless and put together as if I were a housewife or even had a less demanding career, but I want off the roller coaster of a clean house on (some) weekends and  looking pitiful every other day.  And the answer isn't having the house keeper over more (I tried). I've accepted that there is no other way around it.... I have to buckle down and do a daily "dirty 30".  30 minutes of house cleaning every day. (From Alejandro Costello- see her video here). Yesterday was my first day.  I started in the master bedroom, where everyone says it should be the cleanest, most organized spot in the house. So far, so good.

I am thinking... of a few projects I can get going this long weekend, (I'm looking at you, garage), but honestly not sure where its going to fit in. Preparation for the big family dinner will completely consume my Saturday. Church and the family dinner will take all Sunday. Monday will be spent preparing for the Christmas day dinner at my house and Christmas Eve service. Tuesday is Christmas dinner at my house. So when exactly will I fit a project into the long weekend? I'm still thinking....
Business in New Orleans
meant a few Christmas pictures

I am wondering..... if I can make it across town to Whole Foods. Butter is on sale, remember?

I am wondering (part 2).... if I should really attempt to make tins of cookies for my husband's employees? There's only 5 guys, but that's a lot of cookies, and just when am I going to find the time to get all the ingredients together and get it done? I might have to give us this illusion.

I am wearing... a black Ann Taylor suit with a dark purple blouse (had real work to do today and had to dress  the part of a serious professional)

I am reading... the best thing I've read about the school shooting is this blog,  with a reminder that evil hates innocence, but we have hope in the face of evil.

I am reading (part 2)... Knowing your Value  by Mika Brzenski (I'm only on page 40 and I see so many of the same mistakes I have made in my career) and re-reading Totally Organized by Bonnie McCullough.

I am hoping... the cold front sticks around for Christmas day, (really... would it be too much to ask for a little snow on Christmas day? And while I'm asking, can I also get no traffic when I finally get to finish my shopping?)

Christmas Tree
at Starbucks
I ate.... this and it was delicious, which is shocking, since I haven't eaten one in a good 25 years or more (basically since I've been old enough to say, "no like egg".)  

I am planning... to make these homemade cinnamon rolls  and gift trays to bring home with cooking directions at the Family Christmas party on Sunday.

I am planning (part 2)... to get all the girls in my Sunday School class a pair of comfy slipper/spa/fuzzy socks for Christmas and slip this verse in one foot and this verse in the other foot. I think I'm a genius (they think I'm weird).

I am planning (part 3) .... my New Year's Resolution inspired by Creole Wisdom here a photo a day for 2013 made into a photo book. (I'm looking forward to starting!)

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Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Hi Bobbie - you look really pretty in that outfit by the tree. And that salt and toffee combo sounds SO good. I like the idea of a dirty 30, can't seem to keep up with my house between cleanings either. I've learned to tolerate things a little messier than I'd like. Although I'm not sure that's the right solution. :)

jennifer anderson said...

um, you are way busier then i want to be these next few days!