Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday hello

First things first.... happy bubble bath day. I'm looking forward to celebrating  (with a book!) later today. It's also national clean off your desk day, which somehow, doesn't sound as much fun.

And ... because you enjoy seeing around Baton Rouge, the tour continues. Here I am next to and in front of St. Joseph Cathedral in Downtown Baton Rouge (built in 1853, 9 years before the civil war)

What I'm Wearing:
dark brown tweed skirt from JC Penny (very old)
purple v neck sweater from Ann Taylor (black Friday this year)
brown suede jacket from Banana Republic (black Friday last year)orange/brown/purple scarf (Christmas present this year from Barbara)
brown suede boots from Jessica Simpson collection at Dillard's

In nail news:
"Test drive" continues. Latest Revlon Color Stay in Rich Raspberries (day 6- still shiny and looking good). I keep trying new colors but I think my favorite is still the first bottle I ever picked up, Velvet Rope. That's scheduled to appear next in the lineup.

In the crockpot today:
Carrots in OJ and brown sugar (copper pennies)

I ran into the recipe  when I was searching a church cookbook for something else and it sounded really tasty and easy, and I had all ingredients already, and I threw it all together before leaving the house.

In the yard news:

We are on  high alert flower watch at my house. I'm not a master gardener but I have figured out that the camellias love cold and wet conditions. Because it has been nothing but cold and wet and my little bush couldn't possibly be any happier or have any more buds on it than it does right now.  I go check every morning and every evening and usually call the husband and the dog out to look to. I haven't seen any flowers yet but there is some red peeking out of some buds.  We couldn't be more excited (me at least, I don't think the husband and the dog really care much).

That's it for my Tuesday. How is your Tuesday going?


gin said...

Love the BR scenes. and you look great. I need a recipie for carrots that taste like those at Cracker Barrel, love them. Camellias are cold wet lovers. Your bush will be gorgeous, I want one.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post!!! Always love to see bloggers share their outfits and favorite things! Pretty nail polish. :)

Pegi said...

I love your skirt !