Thursday, February 7, 2013

chicken tacos in crockpot

Possibly the easiest dinner I have ever made.

The last thing I did before running out the door.

It took approximately three point eighteen minutes.

Threw three or four still frozen chicken breast in the crock pot.

Threw in a big jar of salsa and a package of taco seasoning mix.

Then I promptly forgot all about it while it cooked on low all day.

And I went to work.

Managed more than a few meltdowns.

Had possibly the best Pot Roast of my life for lunch from my favorite lunch place (Stroubes).

Ate too much King Cake (again).

Had to stay and work late.

Went to CVS and got a little more makeup and a lot more cleansers (thanks to chapter 1 and 2 of 7 years Younger).

Came home.

Took another three point eighteen minutes to shred the chicken, chop up some tomatoes and mix it with cilantro.

Tried to explain to my husband how I need to see La Jolla (again).

Find the sour cream, cheese and guacamole in the fridge.

Get the wheat chips.

Get in my bathrobe.

Heat the wheat tortillas.


1 comment:

gin said...

yumm, i should have stopped by!
It's now on my list to make. Thanks!