Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pinterest Testing part 2

Pinterest said:  Sometimes towels have a little musty odor (sometimes thanks to a front load washing machine). Washing towels in hot water with one cup vinegar and then one cup baking soda will remove any odors and make them fluffy and like new.  (Here)

My testing:  It worked! Towels were clean, smelled great and fluffier. I've washed all towels like this and will  probably do so once a month or so.  I love this idea.

Pinterest said:  Cut a piece of Mr. Clean Sponge and let it sit in the toilet overnight. The next morning, the toilet will have no more ring, but you have to fish out the piece and throw it away. (Here)

My testing:   After sitting overnight, it was cleaner, but no more so than if I had just cleaned it the normal way, and didn't like fishing out the sponge.

Pinterest Said: One cup water plus one cup vinegar heated in microwave cleans it with minimal to no scrubbing (here)

My testing:  It works and smelled clean without any chemical spell!

Pinterest Said: Low fat homemade mozzarella sticks baked in the oven (here)

My testing: It kind of worked.... It was not as crispy or tasty as the fried version, and didn't hold together well despite being frozen overnight. I probably wont try it again.

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