Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Day book

Outside my window:
Could the weather be any more perfect? I think not. Celebrating what is sure to be the last cold front this winter. Its bright. Its sunny. Its cold enough for the electric blanket. Its perfect for me.

Around the House:
I've come to realize I need a little spot to sit and start my day, and claimed one in the corner of the kitchen. I've settled in by dragging the more comfortable dining room chair over and arranging the Bible study material. My plan is to get dressed and when the husband leaves for work, I'll sit down, have breakfast while writing my to do list for the day and doing Bible study. I am literally in the corner of the kitchen, so I can see the entire kitchen, living room and outside patio. I think I found the perfect spot. I'm budgeting 30 minutes on work days. My only complaint is I can't stay here longer. Sunday was the first morning my plan was set in action, and I already love it, and I already have some ideas for the outside patio.

I am listening to:
A lot of NCAA basketball. March Madness is in full swing around here. The husband has it on day and night.

I am thinking:
I've now showed up on Monday morning sore and tired from the weekend festivities twice in a row. Last weekend it was Bible Study, Revival and Women's Ministry Weekend at church. This weekend was planting, fertilizing, watering and re-arranging.

Quote for the day:
"Every wise woman buildeth her house - By her prudent and industrious management she increases property in the family, furniture in the house, and food and raiment for her household. This is the true building of a house. The thriftless wife acts differently, and the opposite is the result. Household furniture, far from being increased, is dilapidated; and her household are ill-fed, ill-clothed, and worse educated." Clarke's Commentary on the Bible discussing Proverbs 14:1

I am wearing:
Black "Cassidy" pants from The Limited (40% off sale); electric blue turtleneck from Steinmart; Black and white tween coat from Ralph Lauren (via consignment shop for $25!) and lunch at Downtown Seafood.

I am reading:
The Beautiful Wife, book and Bible study by Sandy Rayla
Crazy Love, book and Bible study by Pastor, Francis Chin

Around the yard (part one):
Lavender plants by the kitchen door have never looked better. I went to get more to plant, but found some Petunias instead. I like to get one color of Petunias but, couldn't decide and ended up with three. I also ended up with another pink rose bush.

Around the yard (part two):
Someone kept me company (on high alert lizard watch) while I did my planting.

Around the yard (part three):
Birthday gift of a new bird feeder made it up outside the dining room window, right next to the bird bath. Me and Butch anxiously awaiting our first thirsty and hungry front yard visitors.

I am going:
To Lafayette on business. Its scheduled to be a beautiful day for a drive.  I'll have a two hour drive first thing in the morning listening to a Beth Moore CD, do a little business, take my niece to lunch, do a little shopping, drive home listening to two e-books I've downloaded (what the most successful people do on the weekends and what the most successful people do before breakfast.) I'm really looking froward to being out of the office all day on what is fore casted to be another beautiful day.

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Love Bears All Things said...

I loved reading about your special place....I used to do that and need to again...
Its a little early to plant my flowers here, maybe in a week or so....Have fun on your drive.
Mama Bear

jennifer anderson said...

yes, you do sound very industrious!