Thursday, March 28, 2013

Everyday life

Afternoon in my back yard
One thing I really like about my job that it is somewhat flexible, and I can work at home on some days. Not every day, but sometimes when I have work to do that doesn't require me to actually sit in the office to do it, I can be at home. Today was a perfect day to work from home.

My best friend's 97 year old grandma died and they had a family (and me) only small service at the graveside, and its so much easier to attend when I'm not trying to get out of the office to get there on time and not worried about returning to the office, or fighting traffic.

I started working at 6:30a for three hours before getting dressed and going to the funeral.  I had a long visit with my cousin who works at the funeral home who I never get to visit. Had a walmart grocery shopping trip in the middle of the day (unheard of in my life!). I made myself lunch at home. Did a little more work. Took a nap. Did three loads of laundry. Did a  little more work.  Completed a small home project and re-arranged my new spot in the kitchen. Watched the birds at the feeder, kept the dog company, and checked the new rose bush.  Cleaned the kitchen. Did a little more work.  Visited Micheal's Craft Store for supplies and took a class to learn how to make an Easter Wreath.

I love work days like this. I'd like to order more like this.

New rose bush is blooming
Petunias hanging out at the kitchen door


gin said...

such a nice way to spend the day! condolences to your bff's family, and was sweet that you could attend and be with her.

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Yes, that is my kind of work day! I worked from home for the past few years and it was simply wonderful. Many afternoons were spent with my laptop on the patio. Ahhh! Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Hi Bobbie! I just posted my latest A Little About Diana and I referenced your comment at!