Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday daybook

Outside my window
The grey and windy weekend weather brought thunderstorms and lightening in the middle of the night which meant I had to drive through some serious rain to get to work this morning, but since noon, its been a beautiful, cold, sunny day. Its perfect.  The good news is the cold front is sticking around all week. More cold air and clear skies, and sleeping under an electric blanket. Its really perfect.

I am reading, part one:
How not to look old by Charla Krupp, which explains my new obsession with pink lipstick. Even though I love dark lips and nails, I had to admit the evidence against it is pretty convincing.  This picture in the book is  powerful proof.

I am reading, part two:
This article from The Wall Street Journal. 
I am thinking part one:
It’s a miracle the three small azaleas bushes I planted in the front yard are living and blooming. They looked like dead sticks earlier this winter. I wish I had such positive things to say about my four  two rose bushes.
I am thinking part two:
I don’t like day light savings time. My internal clock hasn’t jumped forward and its awful dark first thing in the morning. Doesn't make me want to get up and get going when it looks like its 3:00a outside. Of course, after work, its nice to go out to dinner with the husband in the day light and then stop for some quick shopping and still get home at dusk. I know... cant have it both ways.

In the kitchen, part one...
After visiting the fruit stand yesterday, two pints of ripe strawberries became strawberry shortcake last night.

In the kitchen, part two...
I made these no bake energy balls, and they are delicious. I put mine in the freezer and it makes them extra chewy. Next batch I make, I'm going to try almond butter.

I am wearing...
brown wool v neck, orange and purple scarf (my favorite scarf, a Christmas present) and lively lilac on nails, having lunch at Strands Cafe. The bacon rum brisket sandwich is possibly the best sandwich I've ever had.

I am looking forward to, part one...
Vacation. We are going here  in 9 weeks. Is it too soon to be counting down and planning what I'm going to read on the trip?

I am looking forward to, part two...
This weekend is Women's Ministry Weekend at Walker Baptist Church. The guest speaker is Cindi Wood  speaking on the topic, simply seeking the cross. I go each year with a few of my friends. Its always a great time, and each year its a different speaker and a different topic. I love Cindi Wood. I've done two of her Bible studies and it will be the second time I've seen her speak. I'm really looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to, part three:
Sunday starts a revival at my church, Christ Community, with Rick Coram. Monday is "men's night", Tuesday is "ladies night", and Wednesday is "youth night", which means a special steak dinner is being served to each group prior to the service. Since, I'm a youth worker, I will be there Tuesday and Wednesday, and lets be honest... I'll probably go on Monday night as well.

Around the house, part one...
I've been wanting curtains for the dining room for YEARS.  Seriously... Years. Finally!! Curtains for the dining room have been ordered. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival in four weeks (from California).

Around the house, part two...
I've misplaced a box of  Girl Scout Cookies. I think they are somewhere in the house. I don't remember eating them. I think I hid them and now cant find them. Its been frustrating.

I am pondering...
Sunday afternoon, as I was driving home from the fruit stand,  for no apparent reason, I started thinking of my friend Mary Ann and her husband Bill, who has not been in good health.  I prayed for them and thought of Mary Ann for a while. I thought it was strange for me to think about them just out of the blue like that. This morning I got an email from Mary Ann that Bill passed away last night.

A favorite quote for today...
"He calls us to overcome the overwhelming." Beth Moore

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gin said...

nice vacation spot and can't wait to see the curtains.

jennifer anderson said...

i love make up. there have recently been great coupons online and in newspapers for almay, cover girl, and loreal paris. and this week rimmel london was 50 percent off at walgreens so i got me too lipsticks. sort of some colors that match everything tho...i love the purple containers they are in.