Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend happenings

Hello, Monday, you came too fast.

Weekends aren't long enough. Especially when it includes moving your office from one floor to another floor in the same building, and the new office looks ~ and feels ~ like chaos hit.

And we've traumatized the dog. Giving him a haircut was a two day ordeal of doggie hiding under the boat, husband chasing him around the house and yard, and finally cornering him in the bathroom, wrapping him in a towel and carrying the 50 plus pound thing to the yard for his trim. The older he gets, the more he decides he doesn't want a haircut.

This time involved giving him a Benadryl to try and calm him down (the Vet said it was OK). We were hoping he would get a haircut while having himself a peaceful Sunday nap but it didn't go as planned.

In the end, the people won and the doggie was shaved. I think his new hair cut makes him look like a puppy again, and I think he likes it despite that look on his face.

This weekend also involved a cold winter's evening of date night at Monjouni's, browsing Barnes and Nobles (I bought this book) and grocery shopping.

I always get the Chicken Parmesan and the husband gets the Italian salad with grilled shrimp. I love that Chicken Parmesan so much its hard to try something else. This week, I got the Lasagna sampler (a slice each of chicken, beef, and vegetable) and he got the Eggplant Parmesan. Both were delicious but I'm looking forward to the delicious, crispy Chicken Parmesan again.

The bad news about my new office is I no longer have a view of the river, but the good news is my office is twice as large and I can see just a little of the State Capitol over the other building, I can watch the clouds all day and will be the first to know if an oil refinery explodes (see them in the distance?)

Happy Monday, Friends.

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gin said...

a cold weekend day brings out delicious food. a new bigger office will probably bring on additional work. and the doggie will be pleased with his hair-do as soon as the temps rise.