Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'm reading now

Ever hear of Lee Strobel? He is one of my favorite authors.

He was an atheist and a professional journalist at The Chicago Tribune doing investigative reporting and legal journalism (he also has a law degree). When his wife became a Christian, he set out to investigate the facts and change her mind. After two years of investigation, he became a Christian himself and now writes books about what he has discovered.

All his books are subtitled, "A journalist investigates the evidence for ..." then presents medical, historical and legal evidence that Jesus is the Son of God and he was crucified and rose again.

I'm giving these books to a few friends for Easter. They are currently $1.99 at Lifeway Bookstore.


Unknown said...

I just saw this book in Lifeway during lunch today! It caught my eye but I didn't get it. I may get my husband to grab it tomorrow, as I wanted somethg to read to reflect on this Easter season! Thanks for posting this!
-Natasha @ Lovely You

Chandra said...

Ooooh. I'll have to check him out! Thanks for recommending!

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