Thursday, March 7, 2013

A few things Im loving right now

People Style I am slightly obsessed with this magazine. Its a mix of People, Lucky and In Style magazine all in on, but all about clothes and hair, makeup and shoes, and all pretty affordable. A lot of drug store things.

Apple Jacks cereal: I ate it when I was a kid, then gave it up. Now, I buy a box here and there because, honestly, I cant keep it in the house. I love it so much I eat the whole box as soon as I get it. Its ridiculous.

Physician's Formula Organic Jumbo Mascara: I would have never picked this up.... NEVER.... if not for a recommendation on You-tube. Now it is my favorite mascara. It looks so natural. It doesn't leave my lashes stiff and fake looking and it is very easy to clean off. I am not even trying any other mascara. I am hooked.

Dawn, Baking Soda and a dish scrubbie:  Is it weird that cleaning products are one of my favorite things right now?   But its the best cleanser I have ever found, thank you Pinterest. I mix a tablespoon of Dawn with a cup of baking soda and scrub the bathtub, shower, bathroom countertops and kitchen. I leave it on about 5 minutes before washing it off. It makes everything smells great and is really clean. I think it bleaches the tub and shower white with no bleach or chemical smell.

Chunky brand Beef and Barley soup  Its kind of hard to find. I don't know if its so popular everybody is buying it before me, or its not so popular so not many places stock it. Its also kind of old fashioned. I ate it when I was a kid. A whole can is only 7 Weight Watcher plus points.

Starbucks iced coffee:  Its my favorite afternoon (and sometime morning)  treat. I almost never order the hot coffee anymore.

Vanilla Greek Yogurt with frozen (thawed) fruit: I eat it for breakfast every Saturday morning, sitting in my PJs, sitting in bed. It feels like I'm on vacation.

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie:  Easy, hot, comfort food. There is really no recipe, just throw  whatever you have together.  I pick chicken off the bone of a roasted chicken (or cut up a chicken breast) and mix with one can of veg-all, one can of chicken broth (if I don't have chicken broth I skip it and its just as good) and one can of cream of chicken soup. Cover with one Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust and bake for 40 minutes or so. I've started making two small ones as individual servings. Sometimes I bring one to work and heat it in the toaster oven. It is just delicious and taste homemade.

Bath and Body Works Candles: Fireside Marshmallow is my favorite. I think they are one of the most fragrant and make the whole room smell good, and they have seasonal scents that go on sale regularly for 2 for $20. Sometimes you can find certain scents on clearance for even less.

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Unknown said...

Hi Bobbie! Thanks for stopping by my site, The First Year Blog! I am loving coffee right now too!!
Beth @ The First Year Blog

Unknown said...

I love People StyleWatch too! It's my favorite magazine ever!